Het Hifi magazine Enjoy The Music heeft de primeur gekregen om als eerste de Zugspitz Triumph hoogrendement luidsprekers aan hun kritisch oordeel te onderwerpen. Hieronder een korte passage van het artikel. Klik hier voor de complete review.

Final Thoughts
All the music I fed the Triumphs with was reproduced with aplomb. Vocals and instruments alike are incredibly lifelike and placed precisely within a large virtual stage. Complex orchestral passages (yes even I do classical) are relaxed with clear musical structure and stable imaging whether it's with quiet passages or at high levels with massive dynamics.

This level of performance probably results from delicacy being preserved by the crossoverless highly efficient wideband drivers coupled the fabulous dynamics of horn bass. The Zugspitz Triumph are relaxed yet dynamic, reproducing music with seemingly a total absence of compression. Vocals and instruments are free of coloration and highs are delightfully extended. I found the bass to resemble what I hear from very large horn speakers which display tremendous resolution and dynamics but here we have the benefit sensibly sized speakers that work in normal rooms and normal listening positions. My lasting impression is of the speakers sounding very natural and alive, even vivacious. They reproduce a lot of detail but not in a way that is at all forced, which is why they sound so natural.