Meer dan een instapmodel

Klein in verschijning maar groots in geluid.​ De Frérot creëert de grote audiofiele ervaring voor het kleine budget. Uitgerust met dezelfde technologie als zijn grote broer DAC1, heeft hij alles wat je nodig hebt om het muziekpodium in je huiskamer te halen.

Output: max. 3 V RMS (symmetrisch), max. 1.5 V RMS (asymmetrisch).
Frequentie: 20 Hz bis 20 kHz +/- 0.2 dB.
THD+N: < 0.012 %.
SNR: > 120 dB.
DAC: 1x BurrBrown 1794A, discrete I/V-Stufe.
Uitgang: discrete opbouw.
AC ingangsspanning: 230V AC / 50 - 60 Hz, 30 W.
Audioformaten: 44.1kHz@16 bit, 44.1kHz@24 bit.,48kHz@16 bit, 48kHz@24 bit, 88.2kHz@24 bit, 96kHz@24 bit, 176.4kHz@24 bit, 192kHz@24 bit.
Gewicht: 8 kg

​Prijs €1.350


The Audio Beatnik

Smooth and Silky

The designers said their goal was to create a very analog-sounding DAC at a very reasonable price. With the Frérot, they have succeeded at this goal.

The Frérot DAC has an incredibly smooth and silky sound, which I find surprising from PCM files. It is also, as you would expect from the Swiss, a very precise and detailed sound. This is a great combination with the smooth and silky sound…

voices played using the Frérot sound natural, articulate, and beautiful. Individual instruments sound true to the sound of real instruments and they have good timbre and harmonics. Bass instruments played through the Ferot have a tight, fast, and very deep sound…